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The benefits of window restoration for commercial buildings

The appearance, energy efficiency, and safety of a commercial building are critical factors that can impact its overall success. Skylight and window restoration can improve a building’s appearance, increase its energy efficiency, and enhance its security, making it a worthwhile investment. In this blog, we will explore the various benefits of window restoration (glazing refurbishment) […]

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emergency glass repair in Central London

Emergency Glass Repair Central London

We were initially called to an emergency glass repair. There was a single toughened glass panel that had shattered above a busy road. The clients’ site is in central London. We attended site in the evening, working from midnight to remove the dangerous, broken panel and install a temporary panel.  We accessed internally from ropes […]

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View from International Law Firm London

High-Level Glass Replacement for an International Law Firm

We were approached by an international law firm asking us to carry out some complex high-level glass replacements.  They had another glazing company on-site prior to us, who, unfortunately, had bitten off more than they could chew.  This left the client with glass that was the wrong colour and 6 replacements outstanding. Using our experience […]

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Rope access cleaning | Abseil window cleaning

Rope access: what is it and why you need it

For the effective and controlled glazing and cleaning of buildings, it has always been a challenge to ensure proper care for structures without disruption. In many cases, scaffolding won’t work – especially on more complex buildings and structures where specific window cleaning or work is required. But that’s where rope access comes in – the […]

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The sun against office building

Reduce the glare in your office with window tinting

The glare from the sun can really bring a halt to a worker’s productivity levels, as they struggle to see their computer monitors and suffer under the baking heat of the sun through the window. Find out how to stop sun glare through office windows.

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Admin Apprentice Required

Specialist commercial glazing contractors based in Burwell are offering an admin apprenticeship. Learn more and apply at

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Benefits of secondary glazing for listed buildings

When it comes to heritage and listed buildings, many owners may be hesitant about changing the glazing in fear of the regulations surrounding their property. With secondary glazing, however, you can maintain the appearance and character of your listed building, whilst vastly improving your home’s warmth. Why is secondary glazing suitable for listed buildings? Secondary […]

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