Reduce the glare in your office with window tinting

The sun against office building

Sunny days are usually a delight, but not when you’ve got a busy workday ahead of you at the office. The glare from the sun can really bring a halt to a worker’s productivity levels, as they struggle to see their computer monitors and suffer under the baking heat of the sun through the window. If you’re wondering about how to stop sun glare through windows without using a large chunk of the company budget, then the answer could lie in window tinting it’s a small difference that could really improve the happiness of your workers. Here are some amazing advantages that come from applying a film to the office window:

A more productive workday

Office workers rely on computers for most of their daily tasks, but this is made so much harder by the sun’s glare. This isn’t only a problem in summer and workers are looking for glare reduction techniques all year round, so they can get on with their work without straining to see the screen. More than an annoyance, a 2015 study found that sun glare can be detrimental to an employee’s eyesight in the long term, causing visual fatigue and eyestrain. If you’ve been wondering how to reduce glare on computer screens so your employees can be happier in their work environment, a great solution is to use a glare reduction film for windows.

Cost-effective solution

As a thriving company, you’ll be looking to save money in any way you can. Window films are a great long-term investment for your company; once they’re installed, they require very little maintenance and will be effective for years to come.

Their cost-efficiency doesn’t end there and they’re also a great way for your company to save money on heating bills. A solar window film is great at regulating the temperature in the office, allowing an office to retain its heat and cut down on the heating cost, yet also stay cool in summer, allowing you to cut down on air conditioning costs.

Improved safety

The health and safety of office employees is a top priority in any work environment and window tinting is one great way to do this. The film reinforces office windows, preventing the glass from shattering in the event of a breakage or explosion.

The safety benefits don’t end there – if you’ve been wondering how to block heat from the sun, then window films are perfect for you. Studies suggest that window films or UV absorbing glass are the only way to protect workers in the office against skin damage.

Rejuvenated building appearance

Not only will a window film reduce glare in your office, but it will also refresh your building’s appearance without an expensive refurbishment. Tinted windows also remove the need for blinds which can be costly to install and are also unattractive if they become broken.

If you’re interested in trying glare reduction film for windows in your own office building, contact The Glazing Face team who will happily answer any questions you have.