How to get energy efficient commercial windows

High rise buildings

If you own or manage a commercial building, you will know that windows are important. Not only are they essential as an inlet for natural light and to protect workers from the elements, but you can also find windows play a key role in many energy saving tips for commercial buildings.

We look at all the reasons why you should think about improving the windows in your commercial premises and offer some key information on the latest innovations for repair, maintenance, and energy efficiency.

Tenant Satisfaction

There seems nothing more likely to make a commercial building an inhospitable environment than a faulty window. In the UK, we live with cold and wet weather for much of the year, and so a window which isn’t functioning as it could expose your workers to the elements. One poorly performing window can lead to heat loss throughout a commercial space, as well as present the problem of unwanted noise.

Sometimes it isn’t the windows themselves, but the components, which need upgrading or replacing. That’s why it can be important to find a commercial window repair specialist such as Glazing Face, which stocks a range of parts – from counterbalances to handles and hinges – that can hold the key to your window repair.

When it comes to the maintenance of your windows, this can be just as important. As soon as a window or window part appears to be performing below standard, replacing or upgrading it is a sensible solution to guard against unwanted draughts and leaks. Don’t leave your windows to become irreparable, ensure that you snuff out issues before they become larger problems.

Window films

Window films are a thin laminate that is easily installed to both the exterior and interior of your commercial glass windows. They have a number of benefits which could save you time, money and energy in the long run.

For starters, you can reduce glare through your windows, and in doing so avoid an unwanted distraction for those concentrating on their work inside the building. You also stand to protect your furnishings and other items from fading over time, as a result of exposure to sunlight. That’s because of energy saving window film capable of blocking out the vast majority of UV rays.

Compared to windows which do not have films, those with films can decrease the unwanted transfer of solar energy through your windows. That is a way of driving down infrared heat, which can often be a way of addressing temperature imbalances, particularly if you are using an air conditioning system. And if you are worried about it becoming too dark? Well, while window films can reduce visible light by 35 per cent, the human eye does not pick up this reduction as much as you would imagine.

Energy efficient windows

Here is another of our energy saving tips in office buildings. Making sure your windows are energy efficient can amount to a significant slashing of overheads over months and years. By improving your windows with the latest technology, you can enjoy the twin benefits of reducing your energy bills and doing your bit for the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

It could be double or triple glazing – the key thing is to reinforce the existing windows in your commercial building. Double glazing involves the installation of two glass sheets with a gap in between them, which creates a barrier that achieves insulation that can keep the heat in a commercial building. Triple glazed windows add an extra barrier through three sheets of glass, but it should be noted that this isn’t always an improvement on some forms of double glazing.

You’ll be able to make the working environment more comfortable for its inhabitants, guarding against cold spots or unwanted draughts. And you can also block out the noise which can manage to permeate through windows which are not energy efficient. Then there is condensation. When condensation builds up on the inside of windows which are not energy efficient during the window, this damp can contribute to deterioration within the walls of your home.

With so much at stake for business owners and site managers – from costs to environmental ratings and the comfort of employees. You should think about improving the windows in your commercial premises.

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