High-Level Glass Replacement for an International Law Firm

View from International Law Firm London

We were approached by an international law firm asking us to carry out some complex high-level glass replacements.  They had another glazing company on-site prior to us, who, unfortunately, had bitten off more than they could chew.  This left the client with glass that was the wrong colour and 6 replacements outstanding.

Using our experience and contacts we were able to source the original glass specification and get it shipped in from Europe.  The original glass was a unitised glazing system, meaning that the glass is bonded to a frame and the frame is then clipped into the building.  Unfortunately, the original system manufacturer had gone bust, so this meant we had to remove the frames, cut the old glass off, clean the frames and bond the new glass back.

The client had asked for light transmission to be kept to a maximum so conventional boarding techniques using plyboard was not an option.  We instead developed a system of fixing multiwall polycarbonate internally and externally.

Access on the job required a few techniques to ensure efficiency and safety. First off, the team was trained in the use of the onsite Building Maintenance Unit (Cradle). Then using a counterbalanced trolley crane, we were able to do the job safely without the need for expensive and time-consuming road closures.  We also used rope access methods to assist in one of the replacements, ironically, nearer to the ground!

The works took 2 weeks to complete including the removal, boarding, bonding and replacement.

The client was over the moon with the works!