One Glass Wharf

Curtain Walling glass refurbishment

One Glass Wharf in Bristol had severe issues with water ingress through the curtain walling, The Glazing Face were instructed by Balfour Beatty to completely strip the curtain walling back and replace any missing or poorly installed components.

During the works we removed all of the glass, cladding panels and all of the associated gaskets. Whilst in the process of stripping the system back we found that the wrong screws had been used to secure the pressure plates meaning there wasn’t enough pressure on the gaskets, the glass had been installed out of square, the drainage spouts and expansion seals had not been sealed properly if at all and the screws holding the transoms in place were poorly installed and even missing in places, Once stripped back we applied seals to the expansion joints and spouts, replaced the screws that were securing the transoms and fitted new gaskets in the frames. We then re-instated the glass ensuring it square in the frames, applied new glazing tape and re-fitted the caps using the correct screws done up to the correct torque. Upon completion of these works an independent CWCT water test was carried out and the glazing was deemed to be leak free.

Project value £750k