Window Leak Repairs

Glazing leaks can cause problems for tenants, building managers and owners, leading to further damage and insurance claims. Glazing leaks are notoriously difficult to solve and often require a methodical approach to isolate the problems with some buildings needing a complete overhaul of the glazing system to remove the cause...Read more

Film Installation

We can install many different types of window film. These are available in a variety of different specifications and can serve many purposes. We can ensure your glazing meets current regulations. Window film can make the breaking characteristics of glass safe and if you have full height glass, film manifestations...Read more

Rope Technician & Access Solutions

We have long standing experience in different forms of access to help projects be completed in the most cost effective, but above all the safest way. Our fitters are trained in various disciplines and include: IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) – Our rope technicians are trained to the standards...Read more

Free Site Survey

We offer an initial, no obligation free site survey. One of our team will visit your site to discuss your requirements and look at the project first hand. Please call, or fill out our form. We work nationwide and would love to come and see your project....Read more

Commercial Glass Replacement

A wealth of expertise and experience of working at high level or where access is restricted or difficult We cover all aspects of glass replacement for commercial buildings including standard glass replacements and those at high level, with restricted access and oversized. The complex and hazardous nature of work such...Read more

Glazing Refurbishment

As commercial buildings age their windows will eventually need some remedial work,  even the most well-maintained windows will eventually show signs of wear and tear, sometimes a patch repair will work whilst in other cases it might not cut it.  If your windows are causing issues for the tenants of...Read more

Window Cleaning

Keeping up appearances! Glass performs best when clean – it not only reduces the need for expensive artificial lighting but building users and tenants are happier when natural light streams through rooflights and windows. Furthermore, regular cleaning will slow the deterioration of gaskets and seals and maintain the performance of...Read more

Glass Maintenance

Forewarned is forearmed/Knowledge is power If you find you are paying out for more and more unscheduled repairs and reactive maintenance or if you are the new owner or manager of a property, you could benefit greatly from a detailed report following an expert inspection of the entire glazing package....Read more

Commercial Window Repair

Overhauling and improving windows to provide a cost-effective alternative to replacement Poorly performing windows present a number of problems to building operators – from heat loss and gain and noise intrusion to Health & Safety risks. Aluminium and steel windows have a long life span, although components and double glazed...Read more